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My numbers were exactly what my account got but varied widely from Turbotax. What Tax Paperwork is Required for Preparing Business Taxes by an Accountant? This can help support your claim for expenses when your records are not complete. Certain costs of a sale or purchase of property can be deducted from your taxes. Hiring a bookkeeper can also help you organize documents easier, and save you time. Responses have seen many can you need receipts anytime, saying they charge. What items do I need to file my taxes?

CPA cannot tell ANYONE about your personal info or they will lose their license. You still need to file regardless of the amount you made, even if it was a loss. Let us know the exact software and version and make sure you have a spare copy. Doing your VAT registration.

The best way to avoid problems with an accountant is to choose one with independent references or a position at a legitimate accounting firm.

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Pay a lawyer to write up a contract or a graphic designer to design a new logo? Handing your accountant a big box or folder of unsorted receipts, expenses, etc. Is usually worth consulting firm and need receipts into things from scratch. Can Your Small Business Get a Tax Refund?

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