Adam Davison

Being a business coach in my day job I understand how difficult it is to help a business/individual become successful. You are dependent on the person you are coaching wanting to change their behaviour.

The guys at TripleX understand this and I have seen how they can adapt their style to suit each individual client. This means each person gets the support and training that is right for them, it’s bespoke and more importantly it works. .


Hannah Philp

There’s nothing better than having a coach training you and push your limits to make you stronger, you can not improve without one because you’ll always stick in your comfort zone.

I highly recommend Triple X to coach and support you, these guys have been where you want to be so what better hands to be in!

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Holly Prest

If you want results, just put a few months in and see what happens – you’ll be amazed! It’s the people that make these things happen (both yourself and the ones around you motivating and guiding you).

And you won’t get much better than Sam’s constant advice on hand and Adam’s never ending stream of inspirational quotes and cues!

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