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Schema SA does not exist Jedox Integrator Jedox. Error SQLState 42000 NativeError 2760 Description. Odbc connection failed sqlstate 0001 Monica Green. In older versions of HSQLDB this name was always SA. HSQLDBUnit The given schema 'SA' does not exist. Archiva Schema Sa Does Not Exist In This WordPresscom. Javasqlsqlsyntaxerrorexception Schema Does Not Exist. OpenLDAP schema location cnschemacnconfig does this. DERBY-56 ERROR 42Y07 Schema 'SchemaName' does. Oozie schema SA does not exist Cloudera Community. The data collection error ERROR 42Y07 Schema 'CONFIG. Derby - SQL state 42Y07 Schema 'dbusernamehere' does. Springdatasourceusernamesa springdatasourcepassword. Solved schema does not exist Apache derby Experts. Integrating Spring Boot with HSQLDB Baeldung. Cannot connect to Derby Schema ADMIN does not exist.

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