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Reed Smith LLP, our comments state our belief in the continuing need and utility of the endorsement and testimonial guides, as they provide clarity for consumers and advertisers alike. OK to use these endorsements in your marketing or advertising, but be sure to add a disclaimer. Peloton, the treadmill and exercise bike company, cannot seem to get off the legal hamster wheel. But can you lift quotes from these sites and use them in your marketing? How can we help you?

Guides require various disclosures when virtual influencers are used by brands in marketing campaigns. The laws of the US apply to foreign businesses if US citizens are the target of their marketing efforts. NAD without having to disclose that information to the challenger, as would be required in traditional litigation.

With respect to celebrity endorsements, the nature of the platform through which the endorsement was conveyed may affect the likelihood that the audience will expect that a particular type of relationship exists between the celebrity and the endorsed association.

Specifically, the FTC alleged that HCI employees provided positive product reviews that were purported to be from ordinary customers in violation of the FTC Endorsement Guides. The same is usually true if the endorser has been paid or given something of value to tout the product. To assist in trying to give doctors, medical marketers and others, the FTC has provided numerous questions and answers to sample situations and problems.

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