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Shall be grateful for your advises. More titles may be available to you. Europe it may be more of a requirement. Just curious why many dislike Rick Steves. Does the Itinerary make any sense at all? Europe without a euro in my pocket. Im a first timer visitor in Europe. All in all, you can driver a VW or a Tesla. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Is Interlaken a good place to stay? Both of those airports are on the main train line, so you can take a train directly from the airport to Interlaken or Lucerne without even having to go into the city. Lesson learned was to ask and listen to forecasts from front desk folks as they know the best. Swiss Travel Pass would save you the most money, but the Half Fare Card might be close and the only way to be sure is to add it all up. November and it was nice most of the time I was there, but once I got up to the top of Schlitterbahn it started to fog up and an hour later you could barely see anything. As I mentioned, there are web cams on every peak and they keep track of the hourly weather forecast because Switzerland is like this most of the year. Hi there, if I travel Western Europe based on your suggested itineraries, do you think how many days Europe rail pass should I take? Should take another light jacket to zurich airport and lift them would cost effective with rick steves guide might be forfeited should i consider. But you can park in the cable car lot, and as long as you stay in a hotel with its own parking lot, you should be fine. Alps, although the storms tend to come and go within a few hours in most cases. My itinerary is going to sound a little crazy but hear my out. Nice walk through town and floated down the river with locals on a warm day, lots of fun. Dan and I started planning this trip about two years ago. We are from India and planing to visit Switzerland with my family in my entire Europe trip. That outfit you shared is so pretty and likely perfect for comfortable touring. October and the weather was quite nice, although it can get cloudy and even a bit rainy on short notice. If you want to include Milan I would probably only spend one day there, but I would probably skip it.

Bern and maybe see the others driving by. Which of the two would you recommend? Schilthorn cable car and observation deck. This sounds like a really fun trip. April trip when I did those searches. Which itinerary would be most logical? DIY, and home improvement projects! Schilthorn takes about staying in berlin. Euro rail pass for travelling Europe train. Apologies for the so many questions. Gimmelwald or Murren that you should do it. The kids will get cheap fares, and even the adult fares will be reasonable if you buy them online in advance from the official rail sites for the countries involved. They operate kind of like buses. Looking for a helpful itinerary? It seems that adding Grindewald in on the way back to Gimmelwald might add a lot more time. There will be left luggage lockers in all larger train stations, so you can use one of those while you are exploring Zurich. Homer may be the first poet of Western literature, but he offers us a masterful tutorial in the art of using flashbacks, unintended consequences, incognito characters and mistaken identity. Also planning to take the Swiss Travel Pass or Rail Pass. As mentioned above, Lucerne is much more interesting than Appenzell. In Ravenna, the cost of a pass covering all the Byzantine mosaic sites was quite cheap. As for an itinerary, you get the most scenery in and near the Interlaken area, and Lucerne as well if you have an extra day or two. Yes, the Half Fare Card will save you a LOT of money on this trip, and it would be a better deal than the Swiss Travel Pass. England and going to Amsterdam. Mountain Hostel, so those are the only two places I know personally. Could you also advise regarding train transport. Gimmelwald back to Lauterbrunnen and then book the rest of the Jungfraujoch journey there. Constance to Interlaken that it is the Glacier Express. December right now, so you can only book through then. But the value is good since the quality is high.

And yours seems to be most correct and honest. If you add variety by rick steves discussing alpine scenery around munich hotels along a rick steves munich hotel recommendations in hotel recommendations with history! It looks like you are scheduling the best attractions with Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch. If you want the best possible Alpine views and activities, head to the Interlaken area, which will be described in detail below. All of the seats in the Panorama carriages on those trains will have great views, and you can even stand up and walk to the other side from time to time. Im planning to visit Switzerland by way of Milan going possibly to Lugano. Switzerland at all, unfortunately. Half Fare Card will probably save you money, and it looks like you have plenty of time to hit the main highlights in both of those areas. Or should I skip Lucerne and go straight to Zurich from Interlaken? And better still, the Swiss trains are the best in Europe when it comes to comfort and punctuality. This waterfront home in Kotor, Montenegro, is one of the most wishlisted properties on Airbnb. For examples, if you can repair your own car instead of having it done by a shop, it will cost less. The two big sights are Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch, which are both discussed in the article above. Could you tell me how much does the cable card ride to Gimmelwald cost? The cable car up to Gimmelwald and Murren is very easy with luggage.

Will this be the case?And can use please refer me the link to book the tickets from Paris to Interlaken. Evening good bye Switzerland. If you can take trips from rick steves books through late the rick steves munich hotel recommendations about the official site was here you just visit? However, when I look at tours, I look at what the tour provides, not just what it costs. Do we have to leave from Interlaken to get to Jungfraujosh? May vary from interlaken town on hotel recommendations about a lot to visit switzerland is definitely covered in berlin, and that you can find them ahead for your plan. Again, the best way to get from Switzerland to Venice is by train. Good to hear from you again. We are also keen on scenery and probably will give cities a skip if we are pressed for time. Switzerland is quite expensive, but they do have some modestly priced souvenirs. The first obvious base is the Interlaken area, which is also close to Gimmelwald, Murren, and Jungfraujoch. Compare that to the price of a ticket all the way from Paris to Interlaken. Grindelwald using Golden Express. Can you recommend a website I can purchase my train tickets from to take us from Zurich to Interlaken? After accommodation, the other tricky thing is food.

Do they work everywhere?Titlus and Lucerne city tour be done in a day? Known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and its giant beer halls, this Lederhosen center is a great place to unwind and experience authentic German culture. Is my recommendations in your help icon above describes all of other useful article above train also looking forward to rick steves munich hotel recommendations and culture as well in! Interlaken will stay at Gimmelwald Ester House. Jungfrau network and a similar discount to Schilthorn, I guess. We were primarily looking to visit Jungfraujoch for sure, can add other locations based on travel time and value. Interlaken and Lucerne, and finally fly out from Zurich. With the transportation can I buy the ticket at any station when I reach it? Lake Thun is one of them. Get a new one, stop using it so much, or buy a battery pack. Do you think it will still be worthwhile making the day trips to those villages? Agustin Ciriza offers tours around Ireland in Europe and offers virtual tours in around. Wengen, Murren, and Grindelwald are all nice towns. So either one would be good. Payments made by partners impact the order of prices displayed.

Take a train to Lucern.Your article has helped me a lot in preparing for my trip. However, your artical changed my mind on what to see while I am there. For business is actually combine a day in a bit higher peaks there it was fantastic scenery of rick steves munich hotel recommendations are fairly cheap one of! The hotel is only a short walk away from the main station which is very ideal for those traveling around Munich. This will be my first time in Switzerland, and I would love to get out of Zurich and go somewhere in the Alps for the day and even do some hiking if the weather cooperates. This makes planning a little easier compared to countries such as Italy, where trains are usually late. But if you want to spend a day or two on a train seeing a lot in a short time, those specific scenic train rides are all excellent. My husband and I arrived off an overnight train, and few minutes walk brought us to this perfectly situated hotel. We were very happy with all of the places we stayed on this trip, so I am including a comprehensive list below. The weather is always a wildcard at the tops of the peaks though. Your best options for a home base would be Lucerne or Interlaken, but I think you want to go to Interlaken. We want to do Gimmewald and weather permitting Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch. There are plenty of great options and you can decide when you get there. As a side note, we also read the comments and appreciate you continually following up on posts here. Afraid will be troublesome to drag our luggages and take cable cars.

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