There are several types of cropland leases, including cash rental, flexible cash rental and crop share rental leases. By using the website, you agree to our use of cookies to analyze website traffic and improve your experience on our website.

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Written leases are preferred in the law, although a lease for agricultural land may not last longer than twenty years. Tenants should make sure they can stay on their rented land until the end of the lease, even if the landlord sells the land. If this is not possible, the landlord will compensate the tenant for the anticipated agreed upon value of the crop. When base aues are leased on a share basis, nei! Get the latest industry insights.

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If your landlord protected your deposit funds using an insurance based scheme, a tenancy deposit protection scheme cannot refund your money.

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That means that if you just purchased farmland, unless it was stated otherwise, the prior tenant still has the right to farm the land.

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If you do not have provisions in your lease agreement for early termination, you will be liable for the remaining amount of rent due on the lease if you break it early.


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This will prevent the forfeiture of these funds in the unlikely event that you or your company encounter legal issues. At no point did Mark enter into a written lease for the farmland, either with Long or the prior owners of the property. Renting may enable an inexperienced farmer to obtain the managerial assistance or mentorship of a more experienced landlord. Leased land can be easier to find.

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