Name: Adam Davison

Age: 51

Job/what do you do outside the gym?

I am a Business Development Manager for a national franchise company. Travelling across the country to provide support to business owners. Lots of travelling and lots of hotel rooms

What prompted you to start a training programme, personal training sessions or a nutrition plan with us?

After leading a very active life there was a 3-year break following a serious health issue. This led to me becoming the heaviest that I have ever been at 16 stone 4 lbs. After a visit to the doctors it became clear to me that I had to make changes to allow me to enjoy the years ahead.

With the nature of my job there is a lot of time spent in active so I needed to find a way to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

What did you/have you achieved during that time?

When I first got assessed by TripleX my body fat % was 32%. With a nutritional program, ongoing support from the team, continued assessment and me putting in work at the Crossfit box I reduced my body fat to 16% in 24 weeks. I have lost over 30lbs of fat and put on over 20lbs of lean muscle with my overall weight dropping by 10lbs.

With these changes, I became, fitter, faster and started to transform my body shape by losing over 30cms, meaning I shrunk my body by 4%. I have dropped down to a 34” waist for the first time in over 20 years and with all this found myself to be in a much happier frame of mind, looking positively at the future and knowing that anything is achievable

What’s next for you?

In am now 208 days into my nutritional program. The goal to get my body fat % down to 9% at the end of 365 days. With a better physique, I want to be the best Crossfitter I can be. I want to master movements that currently I struggle with and to help me achieve this I have a specific training program working on the areas that I need to improve on to hit my goals.

What have you found enjoyable/easy?

Has it been easy? To start with no, but I had the motivation to get myself going and then to overcome the bad days helped by the constant support of the team around me.

Enjoyable? Overall Yes, because I have now got results that have made me have more energy for everyday life.

What have you found challenging?

In anything like this, you are going to have successes but also you will setbacks and days when you wonder why you are doing this. When you have been training hard, eating well and yet you don’t appear to be getting results it’s easy to slide off and back to your old ways. To keep going is hard but when the results do come those victories help you overcome the next challenge.

How have you found the coaching and support from Triple X?

Being a business coach in my day job I understand how difficult it is to help a business/individual become successful. You are dependent on the person you are coaching wanting to change their behaviour.

The guys at TripleX understand this and I have seen how they can adapt their style to suit each individual client. This means each person gets the support and training that is right for them, it’s bespoke and more importantly it works.

What would you say to anyone else thinking of joining Triple X?

Just do it. If you are motivated to make a change in your life don’t hesitate,