Name: Hannah Philp

Age: 27

Job/what do you do outside the gym? Paramedic

What prompted you to start a training programme, personal training sessions or a nutrition plan with us?

You have an amazing reputation within Powerlifting and Weightlifting and it gives me huge respect to be coached by people who have experienced where I want to go.

What did you/have you achieved during that time?

I have put 25kg on my total, hit a 400+ wilks score and gained confidence within my lifts and myself.

What’s next for you?

Competing at the All englands at the end of May

What have you found enjoyable/easy?

It’s easy to get motivated for my sessions when I love my program and the environment to train in.

What have you found challenging?

Not sulking with Adam when he tells me off for being shit.

How have you found the coaching and support from Triple X?

Coaching is incredible and I couldn’t ask for anymore from the support.

What would you say to anyone else thinking of joining Triple X?

There’s nothing better than having a coach training you and push your limits to make you stronger, you can not improve without one because you’ll always stick in your comfort zone, I highly recommend Triple X to coach and support you, these guys have been where you want to be so what better hands to be in!