Name: Holly Prest

Age: 33

Job/what do you do outside the gym?

Artistic Director, Percussion teacher, Performer

What prompted you to start a training programme, personal training sessions or a nutrition plan with us?

I’d never quite ‘got there’ with previous exercise regimes or diets, and possibly for the first time in December 2016 I felt really inspired and ready to get this new chapter of my life underway. I’d been doing CrossFit since July 2015 and had started to see my results plateau (because of not paying enough attention to my nutrition and not getting in enough times a week to make an impact). I watched a close friend win an award for his amazing efforts with his nutrition and exercise plan with Triple X, and it prompted me to get started right away!

What did you/have you achieved during that time?

  • In 4 months, I’ve lost 19lbs of fat (taking my body fat percentage from 31% to 22.3%) and gained lean muscle.
  • I increased my exercise regime to 5-6 times per week in the quieter months workwise, which meant that when a busy few months of gigs kicked in, I was much better placed to keep committed to getting in the gym at least 2-3 times a week.
  • I started committing to weekly Yoga classes to improve my mobility and get back some ‘me time’, and started using the ‘Headspace’ meditation app to improve my mental health as well.
  • I’ve had a lot of people come up to me at the end of my gigs commenting on how toned my arms are!
  • I have had to eBay a lot of my clothes and enjoyed buying my first pair of size 12 jeans since being at high school!
  • I have felt more proud of myself than ever before, have inspired other people to look into their own exercise and nutrition goals, and perhaps most importantly have been a strong positive female role model for my students; it turns out playing the drums and lifting weights makes you a bad ass!

 What’s next for you?

I’m really enjoying my PT sessions with Adam and Sam having started those in April, and want to keep getting better at Oly lifting (I really love the buzz of it!). I’d like to get my BMI over the ‘healthy’ finish line having got it to 25.06! I want to do a weightlifting/Strongwoman competition in 2018 😉

What have you found enjoyable/easy?

Olympic weight lifting appeals to the learner/She-Ra in me; I really enjoy these sessions! I’ve also found using My Fitness Pal fairly easy, and haven’t minded logging things as it’s helped me to think more about what I eat.

What have you found challenging?

I’ve established a healthy relationship with food and eating in general. I haven’t suffered doing this plan; even in the more difficult days where cravings have kicked in, I’ve managed to find alternatives like ‘Choc Shot’ with tasty Greek yoghurt and fruit etc. instead of reaching for a chocolate bar. I’ve still had to odd pint and pizza, but this plan has ingrained a sense of better responsibility within me; I owe it to my body to feed it good things! I did experience quite a few days of low mood and low energy when I first started the plan (perhaps for the first 6 weeks or so). I found that keeping positive, rewarding myself at key milestones, and keeping an open dialogue with Sam and Adam have really helped me to stay inspired and motivated.

How have you found the coaching and support from Triple X?

Absolutely top notch! Apart from the fact that you only need to look at them to see how much expertise they have between them, they’ve been so encouraging and genuinely as excited as I am about my results! When I first started the plan, Adam said something to me about how rewarding (and rare) it is to look in the mirror and know we should be proud of what we’ve achieved, instead of commonly rewarding ourselves for a hard week with ‘a curry’ or ‘a favourite glass of wine’. It really stuck in my head and has meant so much to me lately when I’ve caught sight of myself in the mirror or gig videos/photos and I’ve thought “yes, I really have changed haven’t I?”. They have been there at every stage of my journey so far (I’m 4 months in), and I expect they’ll continue to be part of my next set of discoveries too.

What would you say to anyone else thinking of joining Triple X?

If you want results, just put a few months in and see what happens – you’ll be amazed! It’s the people that make these things happen (both yourself and the ones around you motivating and guiding you), and you won’t get much better than Sam’s constant advice on hand and Adam’s never ending stream of inspirational quotes and cues hahaha!