Ceiling Fan Direction For Winter Use

Leaving lights on when no one is in the room is a waste of electricity and will cause your electric bill to increase Leaving a ceiling fan on all the time even when no one is in the room can also cause an increase in your electric bill.

San diego native now? Have a question about a plan or need help placing an order? See our ceiling fan buying guide below for a video and more. For rooms with high ceilings, the higher the speed should be. This will insure that everything is off and not in standby mode.

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Val EntertainmentThus the thermostat in the area can be set a few degrees lower to save energy while maintaining the same level of comfort.

Via Dot FormationThe key to making use out of your ceiling fans during winter is to reverse the direction that they spin in.

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YSC Travel DestinationsPushed up and the air is drawn toward the ceiling for winter and pushed down the air blows down into the room for summer.

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